Why TRUST BestFix?     


 Bestfix Watch VALUE in Watch Repair

"Why should I send my watch to your company when there are so many other internet repair sites that claim to offer the same type of service as BestFix Watch?" 

BestFix Watch is proud offer our customers the following:

3-year limited warranty on complete service work performed on select modern, mechanical watches*, and complete service plus performed on Seiko Kinetic watches!  You will NOT find ANYONE offering a three-year repair warranty.

PROOF of our Witschi/Swiss diagnostic equipment's calibration certificate, insuring the accuracy of our testing!

Proof of our facility's clean room air-quality certificate, demonstrating an environment that can exceed industry MERV 16 standards for CLEAN ROOMs - where your repaired watch undergoes critical re-assembly, lubrication and final controls such as timing and pressure testing.  At BestFix we utilize an award-winning SWISS purification system, made in Switzerland by IQAir - the same supplier of air purification systems to Swiss watch manufacturers.

Website reviewed by McAfee SECURE (formerly HackerSafe).

Listed with the Jeweler's Board of Trade.

Former member of the Jeweler's Security Alliance.

A secure-server hosted website for transmitting private/personal data.

Rapid, on-line free estimates via our AskTheWatchmaker website.

A secure service cart for repair payments.

Only watchmakers will speak with you about your repair, and NOT a receptionist.

Verified Paypal BUSINESS account for on-line, secure payment.

Written proof of the terms of our limited warranty.

Links to on-line manufacturer owner's manuals.

A secure website dedicated exclusively to customer's watch repair questions.

Five levels of Seiko Kinetic Service.

State-of-the-art security for your watch while in our facility.

Proof of our site's internet copyright.

Proof of our watchmaker's current, professional continuing education certificates.

Pictures of every aspect of the watch repair process and our equipment.

Proof of the pressure testing and water resistance of your watch.

Real, former customers contact information is available upon request so that you can actually reference-check the quality of our work.

The use of an exclusive use of our casemark inside your watch, which can aid in the recovery of your watch if it is lost or stolen.

A dedicated warranty assistance program for customers who need post-repair work on their watch.

Detailed explanations of the wear patterns inside an automatic, mechanical watch, so you are less likely to be ripped off by an inferior repair of your valued time piece.

A professional PRIVACY policy and procedures developed for us by TRUSTe designed to protect your sensitive personal information when you transmit information to us.

Very few other internet-based watch repair company can offer this degree of value.  BfW LEADS.  The rest follow.

With so much VALUE, shouldn't you make BestFix Watch the FIRST place you send your watch for service? 

TRUST Bestfix? 

If you are shopping for a place to repair or service your watch, c
onsider utilizing this list of ten (10) indicators of business legitimacy. 

1. Consumer Ratings &/or Complaints History

2. SSL Hosting, Website Security & Privacy Assurance

3. Modern, Current Watchmaker Education & Training

4. Active Participation in Trade Associations & Clubs

5. Use of Modern, SWISS (expensive) Tools & Equipment

6. Ability to speak directly to the watchmaker.

7. Real, Former Customer Testimonials

8. Valid, LEGAL Business Copyright & Trademarks

9. Verifiable Merchant Accounts & Warranty Information

10. Insurance & Physical Safety Measures

Any business lacking in one or more of the above is a RISK for your watch. 

Do not patronize business which do not meet ALL of these simple, common-sense, business standards.

     1.  How many valid complaints does the company have which are searchable on the world-wide-web?  Check out the company's online reputation with some research.   

    You can't rely solely on BBB website seals or testimonials on the company's own website as these can easily be faked.  You will have to do some independent digging.  So get digging.  Many of the small, internet watch repair sites are nothing more than sole-proprietorships with no official, legal form of business authority.  Here today, gone tomorrow . . . or they simply launch a new website under a new name.  If you were one of their customers, where does that leave you and your watch if you need follow-up service? BfW is an incorporated business in the State of Texas, and is listed with the Jeweler's Board of Trade, the largest and most credible credit reporting agency for the Jewelry Industry in the world.

    Although we are no longer an accredited member of the BBB (due to the high annual dues required), we hold an A+ rating with no complaints filed in the past three years, and have only positive reviews.  Additional good news for our customers is, since we do not pay expensive, annual membership dues to the BBB, we can better control the costs of operating a small business, SAVINGS that are ultimately passed along to you, the customer.  Some BBB companies have numerous complaints filed against them in a 36 month reporting period (or 'resolved' complaints which do NOT indicate the customer was truly 'satisfied') yet these companies somehow are able to maintain their A+ rating!  Bottom line = more than a few complaints in a three-year period should be a RED FLAG Concerned?  You should be.  Click on the 'HELP' icon for info on who to AVOID sending your watch to:

     2.  Is the website monitored by a third party entity for hacker intrusion?  Is every page of the website that involves the transmission of sensitive customer information secure-server hosted (https), utilizing a corporate, high-assurance SSL for the electronic transmission of ANY personal or credit-card information, and is the privacy of your personal information protected?  

    A corporate, high-assurance Secure Site License (SSL) for a web site requires that the business be licensed to practice in a particular county (actual physical and verifiable location) and that the company has filed the appropriate legal documents to do business.  This is verified by the SSL issuer.  It takes time, money and legitimacy to do this.  If the web site is not an "https" type, it is NOT a secure site, and any information you send the company is subject to identity theft!  At BfW, our "Ask the Watchmaker" inquiry form is independently secure server licensed for your privacy and protection, has been previously certified by McAfee Secure to be "hacker safe," AND was independently audited by TRUSTe for your privacy protection.  Our company has also been externally reviewed by an independent, third-party privacy verification service, 'TRUSTe,' to insure that your private information is kept PRIVATE. 

    The next time you are on the competitor's site and are considering the submission of any personal information, check the URL address window to see if you are on a secure webpage, denoted by an "https" prefix.  We bet you will be surprised.  If the business does not have any internet security, OR A PRIVACY POLICY that has been independently certified by a third-party review, what do you suppose could happen to you personal and/or financial information? 

    Feel free to think.

     3.  Are the watchmakers educated, experienced, trained &/or certified

    At BestFix your watch will be repaired by perfectionists with practical experience, highly-specialized education, certification and modern, verified, up-to-date training.  All repairs are performed utilizing only modern, state-of-the-art tools.  We ONLY utilize Swiss parts on Swiss watches.  

    You should know that BfW Co., Inc. does not employ, in any capacity, unskilled, foreign labor (legal or otherwise) from either third world or developing countries in any aspect of our business operations. 
    Only our professional watchmakers, and no one else, are involved in the unpackaging, assessment, diagnosis, repair, quality control testing, and shipping of your watch. 

    It would be almost impossible for ANY large repair facility such as the manufacturer's service center, where you may also send your watch for after-sales or warranty service, to legitimately make this claim.  

    Why should you be concerned?  70% of the watches we service are the result of improper repair attempts from unethical 'watchmakers' and/or unskilled, low paid, foreign labor working at a mall, jewelry store, over crowded, high-volume service center, or 'fix-it-fast' place.  Taking your watch to one of these 'hack havens' could easily result in your 'future' repair cost skyrocketing.   Why risk having it done wrong, when a professional watchmaker's individualized attention can do it right?


    J.W. Safranek, MS, CMH

    BfW's owner, John W. Safranek, is one of the few watchmakers in the world who possesses both a bachelor's and not one, but two master's degrees.  Mr. Safranek began learning watchmaking the old-fashioned way, through a combination of self-guided training and study, and apprentice training with a retired jeweler and watchmaker.  He also attended the National Horological Institute, where he distinguished himself with the award for  BEST-IN-CLASS and received certificates of course completion as both a 'Journeyman Horologist' and 'Certified Master Horologist'.

    Recognizing that further training was essential to learn updated and current techniques to properly service modern watches, and to keep pace with Industry changes in watchmaking, Mr. Safranek became a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), and enrolled in education course work at AWCI's Academy of Watchmaking in Harrison, Ohio.  In 2009 Mr. Safranek successfully completed all the educational preparatory courses offered by the AWCI Academy of Watchmaking in preparation for the Certified Watchmaker 21st Century (CW21) certification examination.

    Mr. Safranek has kept current in industry best practices by attending caliber-specific training courses at ETA in Switzerland, and annual bench courses from the Chronometer Club.  

    The continuing education courses below represent a financial commitment totaling more than $50,000 dollars on the part of our watchmaker to develop, maintain and enhance proficiency, and to have his skills routinely scrutinized by industry/professional instructors.  This also helps to insure that your watch is properly and economically repaired.

    1. Lathe 1 Micro-mechanical
    2. Basic Watch Repair (servicing & adjusting)
    3. Precision Timing
    4. Basic Quartz & Quartz Chronograph
    5. Escapement Oiling & Lubrication in General
    6. Modern Mechanical Chronographs (servicing & adjusting)
    7. ETA Products (ETA Cals. 2094, 2894-2, 2896, 2897, 7750 & 7751)
    8. Swiss Lever Escapement (Rolex Training on Cal. 1575)
    9. Balance Staffing & Timing
    10. Modern Automatic Watches
    Mr. Safranek has been professionally very active in the US Watchmaking Industry, serving two prior terms on the AWCI Board of Directors. His previous professional work with AWCI included service on four committees within the Institute - Education Development, Ethics Enforcement, Finance and Strategic Action.  In addition to his past attendance at the annual AWCI national conventions and educational symposiums, Mr. Safranek has also authored several professional articles in trade publications (such as this technical watchmaking article which appeared in AWCI's Horological Times entitled ('Servicing Modern Automatic Watches') Mr. Safranek also served as the Editor-in-Chief of 'The Communicator,' the official newsletter of The Chronometer Club (a technical publication dedicated to enhancing the level of craftsmanship and elevating quality standards in watchmaking).

     4.  Is the watchmaker a participating member of verifiable, trade-specific organizations

    Membership alone, apart from the other issues, is NOT enough.  ANYONE can become a "paper" member of these organizations.  Is the watchmaker a dues-paying member?  Call the association they claim to belong to and ask to verify this.  Membership is both a gateway and a catalyst to professional evolution in watchmaking, but only if the individual makes an attempt to become involved in the associations and its various meetings, seminars and trainings. 

    Many of our competitors' internet watch repair sites post BOGUS 'seals,' such as those from "Top-1000-Watch" marketing search engines, in an effort to gain your confidence.  BEWARE of these sites.  They may reflect marketing traffic to and from the site, buy typically are utilized to 'con' you into trusting them.  All of the 'seals' you can view on our home page are legitimate, 100% evidence of legitimate involvement in internet commerce and watch repair.

     5.  Are there photos on the web site of the watchmaker in the actual facility utilizing correct, specialized equipment, parts & tools?

    Our website pages have numerous photos, taken in the facility, of the staff working with genuine parts, correct tools and modern equipment.  You should know that some individuals repairing watches are NOT utilizing proper techniques and/or lubricants even when they claim to be.

    At BestFix we only utilize the manufacture's required SWISS oils and/or grease.  These synthetic and natural lubricants are expensive, and their application elaborate - with some watch movements requiring no less than four or five different types of lubrication - within a single mechanical movement. 

    WE DO NOT USE SOLO LUBE - a final-stage lubricant/rinse solution used by some watchmakers to take the place of proper disassembly and lubrication!

    We follow the correct manufacturer technical guides for disassembly and reassembly.  Some competitors are NOT truly disassembling your watch.  They simply clean your movement without disassembly, and/or spray on a one-shot cleaner/lubricant, then "blow out" the residual with compressed air.  That's right, they are not truly cleaning your watch movement, nor are they hand-applying ANY of the correct lubricant(s).  And they hope you don't ever find out about this "time-and-money-saving" trick of the trade.  ASK them, when you call to inquire, about HOW your watch is being repaired.  

    All watches requiring complete service are inspected, pre-cleaned, inspected again, totally disassembled, cleaned in the proper sequence of ultrasonic solutions and properly dried and demagnetized.  The watch is then inspected again, reassembled and lubricated, run 24 hours, PRECISION ADJUSTED*, timed/regulated, power-reserve tested, pressure tested, inspected for final control, and finally warrantied.  

    Watch case and bracelet parts are ultrasonically and steam cleaned, disassembled, cleaned again, polished and/or refinished (if this service is possible/requested), cleaned again, and then reassembled with the use of new gaskets and/or bracelet/band pins, if necessary.

    The above is how a watch is properly serviced.

    *Precision Adjustment is the regulation of the watch's timing accuracy with respect to positions of the watch (its orientation with respect to gravity) over variables such as time and temperature.

    BestFix uses the correct, factory-recommended movement holders to insure the job is done properly, and the correct tools for installing hands.  If your watch has come back from a competitor, look at the watch hands near the center with a 5X magnifier.  See those tiny scratches near the center?  Those are from the metal tweezers that were used to reinstall your hands!  Most of the watches we receive for work, that have been worked on by others, have scratches on the hand centers.

    Sending in your quartz watch for a "tune-up" (translation "battery replacement")?  Watch batteries (AND CAPACITORS) may actually have insufficient voltage, because they are too OLD.  We stopped utilizing one supplier because it was sending us "old stock" batteries, batteries that would run a watch, but would not provide our customers with the best VALUE. In addition, it does no good install a new battery in a watch with a dirty gear train, as the increased friction will quickly sap the battery of its energy, ahead of the quartz watch's true power reserve. 

    How do you know the battery being put in your watch is "new?"

    The only way to know this is to TEST the battery with appropriate equipment - a normal voltmeter will NOT do this.  The voltage must be measured when the battery is "new," and a test LOAD is applied, to simulate the load that the watch movement will place on the battery.  At BestFix we only utilize batteries with verified 'freshness' dates (not older than one year old from date of production) and Witschi Swiss test equipment designed to tell us if the power cell we are installing in your watch will respond appropriately to a load test.  This same equipment is capable of testing your quartz watch's average and basic consumption, the resistance of the coil(s), the end-of-life operation, and the lower-working-limit.  All of these tests are critical to insuring that a quartz watch is functioning properly.  Our quartz watch testing equipment is current, state-of-the-art SWISS technology, found only in the best-equipped watchmaking service centers.

     6.  Does the business allow you to speak directly to the Watchmaker?  Once we receive your watch for a repair quote, our watchmaker is available to speak directly with you should you desire it.  

    There is usually a reason you won't speak to the person who is actually working on YOUR watch at many of our competitors, and it is NOT because the watchmaker is too busy.  

     7.  Will the company give you the ACTUAL names and phone numbers of former customers, so that you can call them to VERIFY quality service?

    Most all of these sites have phony, NON-verifiable "customer testimonials."  We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and will gladly give you names and phone numbers of former and current customers who have agreed to be contacted. 

     8.  Does the web site appear to be
    professionally designed and possess a legitimate copyright  (NO dead links or pages missing detailed information, and NO cheap, made-overnight, four-pager!).  

    If the web site appears sparse on important information, or has needless, distracting filler information (histories of watch brands, rants about water proof this or that, claims of being the most experienced watchmaker who ever lived, etc.), you should think twice.  Many of the watch repair internet sites that feature legal copyright warnings, trademarks, etc. actually have NO such legitimate copyright (on file with the US Copyright Office or other federal regulatory agency).  Even still, this is no guarantee of competency, as the business may have paid a professional to design a very convincing web site.  BfW's site is homegrown and maintained by the watchmaker, yet professionally represented.

     9.  Does the business accept payment types with fraud protection (such as Amex and Paypal), and have a posted written warranty for any and all service?

    If they do not have a posted, written warranty or guarantee, but only refer to a warranty or guarantee, then "buyer beware."  If they do have a posted, written warranty, ask to speak to a former customer who had to USE the warranty for a repair.  This is the "game-ender."  If they have not been in business very long, they will have NO former customers with warranty issues. 

    If they have been in business "for years," but have not honored the customer's warranty claims, they will tell you, "Sorry, we can't give you anyone's name to contact."  And yes, even though watchmakers aspire to excellence, watches can and do come back in for warranty work, as perfection is never a 100% certainty in any human endeavor involving a machine. 

    If they tell you they have never had a warranty claim, or "less than 2% of our watches are warranty comebacks," feel free to think.   Imagine if automobile repairs were that good?  Fat chance. 
    This is also why they normally do not offer a two-year warranty on any mechanical, high-end watch repair work.  If they do not directly accept American Express, feel free to think.

     10.  Does the business haveinsurance and physical security measures in place to safe-guard against the loss or theft of your watch at the facility?

    BestFix Watch's repair facility is wireless monitored (both video and intrusion detection) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by an alarm company with 100% law enforcement response to any alarms.  Your watch is insured for loss due to fire and theft through Lloyd's, and all watches are kept in a TL-30 Jeweler's Rated Safe when not on the bench under the immediate supervision of the watchmaker. 

    We have invested considerable time and money into the protection of your timepiece.  BfW Co. is a member of theJeweler's Security Alliance, and when your watch is at our facility it is FULLY INSURED through our professional business policy with Lloyd's of London. 

    Our facility is located in a 700-square foot-area of our gated, BRICK & MORTAR HOME (60% of all professional watchmakers work out of their home - according the latest AWCI survey of working watchmakers).  Our facility is patrolled by three shepherd dogs (inside and out); has a fire/drop/blast proof safe bolted to the foundation; is monitored by two (2) separate alarm companies - 24/7; and is insured for loss due to theft or fire.  Our owner is a Texas CCL holder, and carries on the premises.  And if you think your watch is SAFER at a watchmaker or jeweler who does NOT live on premise, THINK AGAIN.  The preferred "M.O." of modern jewelry thieves is to break in when the business is closed and unoccupied, which is the case 65% of the time with the establishments that choose to "poo-poo" the watchmaker who works from a professional workshop in his home. 

    Finally, when you send your watch to us, you are sending it to our published, physical address - so you KNOW exactly where YOUR WATCH is being repaired. 
    We also don't move around at BfW.  Always ask the business how long they have been at their present location?  Why might the business address change every 6-12 months?   

    BfW Co. utilizes a unique casemark which we imprint inside the case back of all the watches that we service.  Our unique casemark, issued by and registered with the
    American Watchmaker's-Clockmaker's Institute, can aid law enforcement in the recovery and return of your watch, should it ever be stolen and recovered by the police, or lost and found by a responsible person. 

    BestFix Watch Company is a state-of-the-art watch-repair facility.  If you have any questions, please use the Ask the Watchmaker Form. 

    BfW Co. Inc.


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