A Critical Examination of Damage

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*NOTICE:  Your repair date and receipt number were provided to you when you completed payment with Paypal (ex. XXXXXXXXXXXX6748), and both are required to submit and process a warranty evaluation request. Upon submittal of this form, you will be redirected to our warranty evaluation PayPal processing payment page.  A $15 fee is assessed to cover the cost of evaluating a watch for warranty service, per our terms and conditions of repair.  Failure to pay or submit this form = NO WARRANTY SERVICE.

2.     PAYMENT & EVALUATION - When you submit the form (above), your browser will automatically be forwarded to our secure warranty evaluation payment form ($15).  This fee is charged to cover the cost to process and return a watch found to have a problem covered by the terms of our limited warranty.  If your watch is found to have a problem not covered by the limited warranty, this fee will help reduce the cost of additional repairs. Once we receive and validate your evaluation request, we will forward you the required instructions for submitting your watch for a warranty evaluation.  When we receive your watch, we will thoroughly evaluate your watch, and contact you via e-mail when we have completed the warranty evaluation with our findings, requirements, and recommendations and/or potential remedies.


3.     SERVICE - Should we determine that the watch qualifies for warranty service, and was not exposed to one of the conditions described in our limited warranty exclusions, we will repair the watch and return it to you.  If the watch is found to have damage and/or a problem(s) not covered by our limited warranty, and/or requires additional and/or new service not originally addressed in your first repair, we will notify you of the cost to repair the watch.  In many cases this cost is much less than normal service.  If you decline service the estimate/return shipping charge is $30.

IMPORTANT We only respond to e-mail warranty request after you have completed Step 1 (form submittal) and Step 2 (pre-payment).  Please do not e-mail or call to inquire, as you will only be directed back to this page.  Thank you. 

NOTICE - Be clearly advised, per our terms and conditions of service - All estimate & repair fees are NON - REFUNDABLE.


Your specific limited warranty period was printed on your original e-mail invoice/estimate for service, and covers only the original repair quoted in your estimate.  Prior to sending in your watch for repair, you agreed to our
terms and conditions of service, printed on your shipping and repair authorization form and available and explained in detail on our Legal Notice.

Your limited warranty DOES NOT COVER damage, stoppage and/or poor time keeping caused by ABUSE (such as you doing something improper to and/or with the watch), NEGLECT (such as leaving the watch in a hot car, failing to have the watch serviced properly at regular intervals, failing to actively and routinely wear a watch with a rechargeable battery, etc.), MODIFICATION (such as adding parts to the watch, or opening the caseback to expose the movement, etc.), TAMPERING (opening the watch to perform an inspection or do any form of repairs), a DRAINED/LOW BATTERY (batteries do run out of juice and sometimes quicker than you think or would like), SHOCK (such as dropping/slamming the watch onto a hard surface, hammering with the watch on, etc.), OWNER IGNORANCE (expecting the watch to meet performance expectations it was never designed to achieve or can no longer achieve), WATER/MOISTURE/FLUIDS (fluid or moisture damage to the inside of the watch - the movement, dial, hands or crystal) or RETURN SHIPPING for watches found to have a problem covered by the terms of our limited warranty. 


Detailed information on this topic can be found on our Limited Warranty page.   Some examples of conditions NEVER to expose your watch to include, but are not limited to, the following (all of which, if they damage the watch WILL void your limited warranty): solvents and/or oils; hot/soapy water (such as in the shower); high pressure water (such as a jet stream of water); a hot tub; a sauna; chemicals (such as perfumes, hair gels, etc.); the washing machine; the dryer; the hot dashboard of your car; a drop onto a hard surface; leaving the screw-down crown unscrewed; operating the pushers of your watch while in or around water; opening the watch to work on it yourself or to “see” what was done; having someone else (even the manufacturer) open the watch to inspect or diagnose/repair it; strong shocks (such as hammering, operating power equipment, striking your hand/wrist on a hard object); attempting to adjust the calendar setting when the watch is at or near a calendar change (you will break it).  

Taking any of the following actions WILL also 100% void your limited warranty: filing a complaint with the BBB without first allowing us a chance to BOTH see the watch AND address your concern AFTER seeing the watch; and/or filing ANY Paypal claim or chargeback; and/or posting any negative feedback on our business on any public forum.  Other scenarios constituting abuse, neglect, modification, shock, water/moisture/fluid damage, filing complaints/chargebacks etc. are possible.     

DO NOT EXPOSE your watch to hot, caustic, wet, slippery and/or high-pressure/high-stress/shock, and/or mistake-waiting-to happen situations unless YOU are willing to ASSUME ALL RISK!


Your receipt for repairs was generated when you completed payment with Paypal, and a copy was automatically emailed to you when you completed your purchase through Paypal.  The detailed information about either the service procedures performed on your watch and/or the kinetic service level was included in the original invoice estimate emailed to your prior to your payment.  Please print and save both of these documents.


For answers to many common and not-so-common questions about your watch, please visit our Watch Owner’s FAQ.

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