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Limited Warranty*:

If you are in need of BfW's warranty repair service, please visit our Warranty Assistance page.

A variety of limited, non-transferable warranties are offered depending on the level of service that applies to your repair purchase:

Quartz Watch Overhauls are have a limited warranty* for one (1) year from the date of service. 

Standard/Medium-Grade & Vintage (older than 20 years old) Mechanical
 watches have a
limited warranty* from the date of service through 6 months. This will be discussed with you at the time your estimate is completed.

High-Grade Mechanical repairs have a
limited warranty* from the date of service through one (1) year, unless otherwise specified in the repair invoice. 

Kinetic (Seiko) Watch Service - Basic service warrants only the L-ION energy storage unit (ESU) for six (6) months from the date of repair by BfW.  Intermediate service warrants only the ESU for one (1) year.  Complete Kinetic service warrants the movement service and the ESU for two (2) years and Complete-plus service for three (3) years.  For more information on the Kinetic warranty, please see the legal notice at www.kineticrepair.com.

 *Limited Warranty Exclusions (what is NOT covered and/or will VOID your limited warranty):

  • Damage from neglect, abuse, modification, shock or water/moisture/fluid damage of any kind.
  • Watch bands/bracelets, crowns and/or stems.
  • Balance staffs (if you drop it, it will BREAK). 
  • Crystals (they do not BREAK all by themselves!).
  • Repairs or open-case inspection and/or tampering performed on the watch by anyone other than BfW Co., Inc.  This is considered "modification."  
  • Owner Ignorance - expecting the watch to meet performance expectations it was never designed or can no longer achieve (vintage watches). 
  • Filing a BBB complaint, and/or a credit card chargeback or Paypal claim = 100% voided warranty.
  • Return shipping charges (your shipment of the watch to us) is your responsibility.  You may also be required to pay for shipment of the repaired watch back to you, in the event the fault is not with the watch but a repair was made or if you decline a repair not covered by warranty.  Failure to promptly pay our return shipping charges if we invoice you for them to request payment WILL void any further limited warranty on your watch.  

NOTICE:  WATER DAMAGE is NOT covered under the terms of our limited warranty. 

During service we may pressure test your watch to confirm that it is water resistant to its rated ISO standard, but we can not control your incorrect interpretation of the ISO standard, and/or what you do with your watch once it is in on your wrist or under your control, or your ignorance if you take a VINTAGE (OLD) watch out to 'test' its water resistance (i.e. in the rain, in the shower, in the swimming pool, etc.).  

Some unfortunately common examples of 'ABUSE, MODIFICATION, TAMPERING, SHOCK &/or WATER/MOISTURE/FLUID DAMAGE' (aka things NEVER to do with your watch).  TRANSLATION - Doing any of the following will VOID your limited warranty, and may cause damage to your watch:

  • Swimming while wearing your watch when it does NOT have a screw-down crown, or is a model that has a pusher of any kind.  Crowns without screw-down protection and pushers that operate functions are NOT rated for physical activity underwater, and may NOT even protect the watch while you wear it on your wrist in a rain storm.     
  • Exposing the watch to hot, soapy, high pressure H20 (such as in the shower, sauna or hot tub).
  • Exposing a '3 ATM' rated or '30 meter' or a case back that only says 'water resistant' to any moisture or water may very well cause moisture damage to the inside of your watch, as this rating is the MINIMAL rating for water resistance utilized by manufacturers, and is there way of telling you 'Don't expose this watch to ANY water.
  • Fail to close the screw-down crown properly and then immerse the watch in a liquid substance.
  • Attempt to operate any 'pushers' or 'correctors buttons' on a watch while underwater.
  • Attempt to operate the crown of your watch while it is underwater or in the vicinity of water.
  • Expose the watch to oil or solvents of any kind (such as cleaning your gun or changing the oil in your car with your watch on).
  • Expose the watch to chemicals (such as those found in hair tonics, after shave, perfumes, etc).
  • Leave the watch in your pant's pocket, and wash your pants in the washing machine.
  • Drop the watch from a height of 4-5 feet or more onto a hard surface, such as tile or cement.
  • Run over the watch with your car.
  • Trying to set the date or adjust the calendar when the watch is about to change (at or near the end of the 24-hour or month cycle).
  • Have another "watchmaker" open the watch to "see" what was done or what is wrong.  Yes, we will know the case was opened.
  • Fail to secure the watch bracelet clasp, or recognize that your clasp is worn out or your bracelet is worn out, and then the watch falls off your wrist while riding your moto-guzzi.
  • Place your hand (with the watch on) down the garbage disposal . . . (does not end badly for the hand), and then realize you can't get your hand out without pulling your watch off and leaving the watch behind inside the garbage disposal, and then (you guessed it), turning the garbage disposal on to get it "unstuck."
  • Attempt to work on the watch yourself to 'confirm'  or 'improve upon' our work - this involves you either purchasing a 'watchmaker' tool kit from Pakistan off of the Internet; finding old, rusty watchmaker tools that your dead uncle left you; or using a small screwdriver set you bought at Wally World - and then pretending you know what you are doing as you proceed to BREAK the watch we just repaired for you.
  • Be advised that we consider 'tampering' to be any attempt to open the watch and/or work on the watch movement by the owner or the owner's designee (i.e. other repair facility) that occurs AFTER we have repaired the watch.  We mark all of our batteries and movement parts.  If we determine that ANY form of tampering has occurred to a watch when sent in to us for additional repair and/or warranty evaluation, your limited warranty will be void and any future work we may agree to perform on your watch will carry NO limited warranty. 

The above examples are NOT an all-inclusive list, and other scenarios constituting 'abuse, neglect, shock, water/moisture/fluid and/or modification' are possible.

A fine watch is a precision instrument. PLEASE TREAT IT LIKE ONE.

To be clear - exposing the watch to hot, caustic, slippery and/or high-pressure and/or high-stress/shock, and/or mistake-waiting-to-happen situations will RUIN your watch and VOID your limited warranty.

Yes, the above are things that customers have done to their expensive watches.  In almost every case, their watch was severely damaged.  And no, we did not cover the watch as a warranty repair.  Not even your original, manufacturer's warranty would have covered the watch in these conditions.  

If you do any of the above, or approximate any of the above actions to/with your watch, and it stops, gets wet inside, becomes crushed, deformed, cracks, snaps, pops, or explodes, you can always send it in for a warranty evaluation; however,
your limited repair warranty does NOT cover damage from abuse, neglect, modification, shock or water damage. Purchase a $30 Casio G-Shock if you desire to expose a watch to abuse, neglect, shock, water/moisture/fluids, etc.

NOTICE #1: It is not always possible to get a watch, particularly vintage watches, to keep exact time or for them to run for long periods of time (more than 24 hours) without winding.  This is also true of low-grade mechanical watches, older watches that have been neglected, and watches that have been damaged by prior faulty repairs.  Even if everything has been properly repaired by BfW Co., a watch may not regulate time with an extreme level of accuracy, or run for the duration of their original power reserve.  Should this occur BfW Co. will work with you to solve the problem, if you will work with us.  This is a two-way street, and patience is required to aid these watches in keeping as accurate time as they were originally intended to keep. 

NOTICE #2: A limited warranty is determined by the level of service you pay for; the condition or grade of your watch; and the service payment invoice specifics that you receive from the watchmaker via an e-mail quote for repairs.  Please retain all e-mail correspondence.  When paying utilizing our secure shopping cart, please retain (print out) the payment invoice when given the option during the payment process.  If you are paying by credit card over the phone, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of charges that will serve as your official receipt for service. These documents will serve as your proof of warranty and are required if you are requesting that your watch be evaluated for warranty service.  You must retain your receipt for warranty service.  Without presenting us with a copy of your receipt, your warranty evaluation request may be denied.

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