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Our Military Teflon Coating is Superior!
  • The most durable, chemical and heat resistant, thermally-cured finish available for the UDT Chronosport
  • High PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Teflon and molybdenum disulfide coating developed for firearms utilized by Naval Special Warfare (SEALS) and Marine Corps Reconnaissance units
  • Required to pass numerous military tests including corrosion and fluid resistance (60 days in sea water, jet fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid and paint thinner); thermal stability (temperature ranges from -58 to 500 degrees F); impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Thermally cured with a phenolic-epoxy polymer base, provides a surface finish with optimum corrosion protection, abrasion resistance and lubricity (lower friction)
  • Permanently bonds to the watch case and bezel to form a barrier to acids, oils, and industrial solvents
  • Superior to your UDT watch's original black chromium Teflon coating

An example of a watch we frequently refinish with Teflon is the Chronosport UDT which has a solid stainless case originally equipped with a black chromium/teflon finish (frequently mistaken as 'pvd').  Most of these watches have been utilized daily for many years by military and/or police, and resemble the watch below:

Note the original coating degradation on all major surfaces of the case, down to the base metal.  This type of wear is unfortunately very common on valuable Chronosport UDTs.  The owner of this UDT also failed to have the gaskets replaced every 2-3 years and water resitance verification (pressure testing) performed.  The result was water intrusion into the case and destruction of the luminous coating on the dial and hands and damage to the quartz, Breitling movement.

Our exclusive Teflon Refinishing process involves:

  • Full disassembly of your case parts and movement. 

This is the Chronosport UDT, Type II, fully disassembled, typical of the precision work we do when properly servicing your valuable UDT.

  • Preparation, Cleaning, and Recoating of the Chronosport UDT Case.

  • Replacement of the case tube.

We can restore or replace your original case tube with stainless. 

  • New case tube installed.

TWe can restore your old crown (setting knob) by having it Teflon coated (as above), and replace the gasket, OR we can install a new black crown exactly as the original.

  • New chrono-pushers installed.

After discussion with military and special forces veterans who wore the UDT in combat, we determined that another weaknesses of the original UDT was its pusher bodies (red arrows above).  We replace all of these failure-prone areas with new, Swiss stainless pusher bodies and new buttons, shanks and gaskets during your UDT's case refinishing.

  • TEFLON your chrono pushers and crown!

Another wear-prone area of the UDT is its infamous crown and chrono pusher buttons.  Teflon coating these (an optional service) provides an extremely durable finish to an otherwise high-wear area of this watch.

  • TEFLON coating results are truly amazing!
  • CERAMIC coating results . . .

We can refinish most watches with Teflon, Ceramic,or Cerakote, including the Type I & II Chronosport UDT.  We have the proper training, parts and tools to properly service your watch.  Why not send it for an estimate?


We will only quote refinishing costs on watches sent to us for an evaluation.  Your watch must be sent in for an advanced repair quote in order to determine exact refinish pricing.

Your watch requires 8 steps to be expertly refinished:

  1. Evaluated for suitability (not all watches will be good candidates for refinishing)
  2. Disassembled completely and CORRECTLY!
  3. Ultrasonically cleaned
  4. Inspected and prepared for bead blasting
  5. Bead blasted
  6. Coated
  7. Inspected and reassembled with new gaskets
  8. Pressure Tested
In addition, we may also repair/service your movement if required and/or requested.  This will add to the cost. 

We can also perform the following repairs on watches sent in for complete service:

  • Overhaul your movement
  • Replace crown and restore or replace case tube 
  • Replace chronopushers (buttons)
  • Replace crystal and crystal gasket
  • Replace defective movement parts
  • Relume/restore the hands and dial

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