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What services are available? 

BfW can service your quartz or mechanical movement, repair or replace damaged movements, replace crystals, refinish your dial, replace missing crowns and chronopushers, refinish and/or repair your case, bezel and bracelet, replace your band, and just about any repair your watch may require. 

Please be advised that BfW does not perform "spot" repairs (quick fixes or "short jobs"), nor will we fix "just one thing" on a watch.  Most watches require complete service to correct all problems, both those that have manifested and have attracted YOUR attention, and other problems due to neglect and/or no prior or poor prior service.  If you are looking to have one small thing done to your watch, and have not previously sent us a watch for complete service, please shop elsewhere.  

YOU want your watch repaired right the FIRST time. 

What would you pay to have it done wrong?

In many cases, a customer will send us a watch that a jeweler or another 'watchmaker' has been unable to repair or did not service properly.  This is usually due to shoddy workmanship, or it was a "spot" repair (only a battery, etc.).  You will get what you pay for. 

Why not have it fixed RIGHT the first time, so that it will perform properly for a year or longer?!!!

Need an answer to a question about your watch repair right NOW?  Use our "Ask the Watchmaker" inquiry form.  Click Here!

Band & Dial Replacements

We offer a variety of bands replacement options, and can also replace or restore some dials.  For an answer to this type of question about your watch repair please utilize our "Ask the Watchmaker" inquiry form.  Click Here!

General Movement Service (overhaul) 

This is a complete disassembly of your watch.  The case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned, and may be refinished .  The movement is disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled. For mechanical movements, a new mainspring is installed.  For quartz movements, a new battery is installed.  Any other parts that need replacing are installed when the movement is reassembled.  The timing is checked and adjusted.  Stem and crown are sealed, and the caseback gasket is replaced.  New spring bars are installed if needed.  The serviced watch is accuracy tested for 72 hours (depending on movement).  If the watch does not pass this final test (fails to keep accurate time), it is re-diagnosed, and tested again for an additional 72 hours.  The watch is then pressure tested to verify water resistance.  All overhauls come with a one-year warranty on workmanship and parts (abuse is not covered).  For a more detailed listing of specific services for these watches, please see the brand-specific pages on this site (Breitling, Omega, Tag-Heuer, vintage chronogrpah, etc.)

Kinetic Service

Three (3) levels of service are available (basic, intermediate & complete) through our dedicated Kinetic repair program,

(inquire when completing the Ask the Watchmaker form) 

If your watch is sent in for complete service, these additional services are available to you:

Crystal Replacement- This can be done with an original (new old stock) replacement, a generic plastic or mineral glass, or a scratch-free sapphire crystal.  Difficult, CUSTOM shapes are also not a problem.

New Band
- A new metal or leather band (including exotic leathers such as lizard and croc) will make your watch look as close to "new" as possible.

New Crown - If your crown (winding button) is bent or damaged, attempting to wind your watch may cause internal damage.  A new crown will restore the watch's appearance, and insure the appropriate level of water resistance.

New Pushers - These are the little "buttons" on some quartz and complicated mechanical watches. They become worn with usage, no longer function as well, and, if defective, could compromise your watch's water resistance.

New or Restored Hands - BfW will usually have the exact match for your watch's hands (including most vintage models)!  We can also restore luminosity to your watch hands.

Dial Refinishing - The dials of vintage watches can be refinished very close to original condition with our dial refinishing service.  This service requires a 2-3 month service period.

Case Re-plating - Your case may be re-plated with its original finish.  

What watches you will NOT repair?

At BfW Co., we service most watch brands.  However, there are watches that we do NOT service, and those that we do NOT recommend you send for estimates or repairs:

Cheap watches - If it cost you less than $50, you would be better off purchasing a new watch.

Watches in pieces or parts.  You have taken your watch apart thinking you could fix it.  Well, you will need to learn, because we don't work on watches sent to us in bags of parts.  Call first for an exception. 

Older quartz watches WITH liquid crystal displays.  No parts are available for these older watches with LCD panels.  Do not send them.  

Watches damaged by water when you are on a "budget."  It is not possible to fix a watch destroyed by water damage (rusted movement, damaged dial) when you are on a "budget."  This is why there are Timex and Casio watches. 

ATTENTION JEWELERS - Watches that your watchmaker can't fix, or has botched.  Do NOT send us your problem watches.  We do not work for jewelers.  You can't afford it.


BestFix Watch Company is a state-of-the-art watch-repair facility. For inquiries, please use the Ask the Watchmaker Form.

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