Please explain the repair process.
 How much does it cost?
Who should I avoid having my watch repaired by?
How long does a repair take?
Why should I trust you with my watch?
Do you honor your warranty?
 How do I pay for my repair?
 Can I drop off/pick up my watch at your shop?
 How often should I have my watch serviced?
 Can I have my bracelet, dial or bezel changed?
 My watch is fine, it just needs one thing fixed.
 How often should my watch be pressure tested?
 I was told that no parts are available, can you fix it?
 Why do I get a message when I call your toll-free #?
 You have my watch but have not contacted me!
 My watch should have been repaired by now!
 What watches will you NOT work on?
 Can you tell me if my watch is a fake or replica? 



  Our Repair Process

Our exclusive repair process is designed to insure both precision diagnostics and cost effectiveness, while offering you the BEST limited warranties in the after-sales service market, up to a full three (3) years.

  1. Estimate & Quote
  2. Prepairing & Mailing
  3. Repair Invoice
  4. Service
  5. Shipment
  6. Limited Warranty

1.  Estimates & Quotes

An estimate is a non-binding, best guess of what could be wrong with your watch, and results in a 'ball park' figure of repair costs.  We perform estimates at no charge to you via our secure server at  Many of our customers will first complete our free watch repair estimate form to get a rough idea of repair cost before sending in their watch for a firm repair quote.

 quote is a formal diagnosis of your watch resulting in a firm repair price.  To obtain a repair quote you must send your watch to us so that we can examine it and perform a series of inspections and tests to determine exactly what is wrong.  We only charge for repair quotes if you decide NOT to have us repair your watch.  In the event that you decline repairs, this reasonable fee pays for a written, expert diagnosis and to ship the watch back to you unrepaired via an insured carrier.

NOTICE:  We are currently ONLY accepting the following types of work:
* Seiko Kinetic (auto quartz) Watch - please visit THIS LINK 
* Chronosport UDT - please visit THIS LINK 
* Any other type of watch, please email us to inquire.

2.  Preparing & Mailing

Use a trackable method such as delivery confirmation with your shipment.  We recommend USPS Registered and insured mail for high-value watches. 

Alternatively you may choose to use USPS Priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation.  You may purchase priority mail labels insured for up to $5,000 at  The USPS 'click & ship' website allows you to print priority postage and schedule a pick up directly from your home computer. 

3.  Repair Invoice

When we receive your watch, we will identify pre-existing conditions and/or damage and document this in writing and with photographs.  We will diagnose your watch and determine the specific service that it requires.  If you have requested any special services, we will include these options in your firm repair quote.  

Your quote will be e-mailed to you, generally within a few days of our receipt of your watch, and include the price to repair your watch and the estimated time frame to perform the service.  Your repair invoice will also include convenient payment links so that you may pay for your repair in our sercure service cart. 

Should you decline service, you will be charged a repair quote fee to pay for the detailed diagnosis, and to return the watch to you via an insured carrier.  If your watch arrived without a prepaid quote, we will invoice you for the quote fee.  LEGAL NOTICE:  If you refuse to pay the repair quote fee and your watch is in our inventory for 30 days with no payment, then the watch is treated as abandoned property and disposed of.

4.  Service

After we receive your repair payment your watch is placed in line for repairs based on the time frame estimated in your repair quote.  We order parts for your repair, if required, and perform the detailed services described in your customized invoice. 

Your watch is quality controlled for time keeping.  Depending on your watch's water resistance rating, various additional tests are performed to 'pressure test' your watch case.  Once we are assured that your watch is in perfect condition, we carefully package your watch for shipping. 

During the repair time frame please refrain from emailing us to check on the status of repairs.  You may email us after the time frame for repairs have elapsed, if you have not yet received your watch back from us. 

5.  Shipment

We will ONLY ship the watch back to the same address associated with your original Paypal payment, and via either USPS first class, USPS Priority Mail, USPS Express or Registered Mail, insured for the amount you indicate on the repair/shipping authorization form. 

On the day we ship your watch, you will receive an e-mail from USPS of your Priority Mail shipment.  For customers who have selected and paid for Registered Mail, we will send you a customized e-mail with specific instructions on the shipment. 

Priority mail transit time is typically 3-5 business days.  Registered mail can take up to 15 business days as it is a little slower due to the increased security measures it must pass through while in transit.  The post office will deliver the watch to your door, and you will be required to sign for it.  If you are not home at the time of delivery, they will leave a notice of delivery which requires you to either reschedule delivery at or visit the post office to pick up your package.

6.  Limited Warranty

Your repair is under a limited warranty for the time period specified in your original written repair quote, and per the warranty policy on our website.  Please save this information in the unlikely event that you require warranty service.

  How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Our prices are competitive with the manufacturer.  We offer two forms of pricing for repairs.

An estimate is a non-binding, best guess of what could be wrong with your watch, and results in a 'ball park' figure of repair costs. We perform estimates at no charge to you via our secure server at Many of our customers will first complete our free watch repair estimate form to get a rough idea of repair cost before sending in their watch for a firm repair quote.

 quote is a formal diagnosis of your watch resulting in a firm repair price. To obtain a repair quote you must send your watch to us so that we can examine it and perform a series of inspections and tests to determine exactly what is wrong. We only charge for repair quotes if you decide NOT to have us repair your watch. In the event that you decline repairs, this reasonable fee pays for a written, expert diagnosis and to ship the watch back to you unrepaired via an insured carrier.


Remember the old saying, "You never stop paying for what you get for free!"  Some watch repair facilities will offer you "free" estimates and/or "free" inbound shipping.  These relatively new internet businesses are trying to capture the market with "freebie" offers - THAT ARE ANYTHING BUT FREE - BUYER BEWARE. 

BEWARE!  If you decline repairs at these facilities, you WILL be charged for processing and/or return shipping.  And we bet you will say to yourself, "Wow that seems high for return shipping costs!?"   If they do send it back 'for free' it will be 'first class' mail (slow boat to China) with NO INSURANCE unless you PAY extra for it.  That's not FREE, but it sure is a HUGE RISK for your watch!

Don't believe us, call and ask them, "How much does it cost to return my unrepaired watch if I decline your estimate?"

But wait, also ask them, "If I decline service how much will my watch be insured for when you send it back to me?"

Both of the above two questions are "GAME ENDERS."

What else should you know about the "free estimate/shipping" offers?

  • That FREE SHIPPING is a HUGE GAMBLE for your watch.  Your watch may be UNDER-insured for its value, or have NO INSURANCE value at all.  If it is LOST in the mail on the way to them, you may receive very little to no loss compensation back from the shipping carrier.   
  • If your watch has high 'sentimental' value, then you are absolutely INSANE to send it via UPS ground (the "free" offer).  Ground shipments of valuable items have an unacceptable, high "loss" ratio in the shipping industry.  The safest way to send a high-value watch, is via the USPS (post office) REGISTERED mail, insured BY YOU at the post office counter.  They don't tell you that, do they?  And they can NOT provide you with FREE USPS REGISTERED SHIPPING.  Don't believe this, call and ask them.  Game over. 
  • Most of these companies have NO BBB history, or they may have less than an "A" rating, a bogus accreditation, and/or have an 'A' rating but have MANY customer complaints (more than a dozen in a three year period).  Some of them are able to maintain their BBB rating via bogus "business volume."  This means they exaggerate to the BBB about the 15,000 watches they service annually, so that the 30 or more complaints they receive EACH year seem minimal, and they retain a bogus, high BBB rating.  If they have more than 2-3 complaints in a 3-year period which were NOT SATISFACTORILY resolved, then RUN, RUN AWAY from them no matter the rating.  Alternatively, they may have recently changed their "business name" or the internet site name that they utilize is NOT their original business name (the one with all the complaints).  How do you find out their real business name so you can check them out at  Good question.  Call them and ask, "When you charge my credit card for repairs, what is the name of your company that will appear on my credit card statement?"  IF THEY TELL YOU, go to and look up their rating using this name for your search.  Game over.  Now you know why they are enticing you with "free" BS.
  • Finally, if your watch is more than 50% (by weight) precious metal (gold, silver, platinum), EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR INSURANCE WITH UPS, they will NOT pay a claim for loss or damage! 
  • Most of these companies do NOT directly accept American Express.  They only accept it via "Paypal."  They can't qualify to receive AMEX payments any other way.  Why?  They may have poor credit ratings.
  • FedEx will NOT pay a claim above $50 on ANY watch, repeat ANY watch, because they consider ALL watches to be jewelry.
  • The "free" shipping company may tell you that they have "additional"  third-party insurance through Jeweler's Mutual or some other company, which pays insurance on your watch if it is lost in the mail.  This is true, BUT ONLY WHEN THE COMPANY IS SENDING IT BACK TO YOU, and NOT when YOU ARE SENDING IT TO THEM via a "free" offer.
  • You now know more than 95% of "mail-in-repair watchmakers" offering BOGUS FREE estimate/FREE shipping.  After reading this, if you decide to send them your watch, we believe you are either out of your mind, or have a gambling addiction disorder, or both.
  • In spite of all of these cautions, there are some of you that insist on the lowest possible price for battery replacements.  We would prefer that you folks take your TIMEX, CASIO and INVICTA watches to another company.  We FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL OF FREE WATCH BATTERY REPLACEMENTS.  Click on the BIG RED FREE BUTTON below to find out where your watch can go for a FREE BATTERY REPLACEMENT.  

 How long does it take?

The average repair time for a quartz watch service is 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the model.

The average repair time for a modern mechanical automatic or modern mechanical chronograph watch overhaul is 6 to 8 weeks.

The average repair time for a vintage (0LD) mechanical or vintage (OLD) chronograph watch overhauls is 16 to 24 weeks.  

Why such a long time for a watch repair?

Let us respond by asking you this question:

How long would you wait to have it done WRONG?

There is an old saying, "You can have it FAST, PERFECT or CHEAP, but you can't have all three."  Think about the wisdom of that for a moment.

It is important to keep in mind that the higher the standard for quality at a repair facility, the SLOWER that shop will be in conducting its repairs.  The above time frames reflect realistic estimates based on three factors:
a. Level and type of service requested/required
b. Amount of damage & availability of replacement parts
c. Number of watches in our facility being repaired

General service (overhauls/tune-ups) on working watches are always faster.  For example, capacitor replacements on Seiko Kinetics have a turn-around time of two days.  Many parts are stocked by us, and this will always expedite a repair. 

Watches with water damage and/or that are not running when they are sent and/or arrive will require at least one month to repair, OR LONGER.  High-end watches in need of specialized parts, or that require genuine replacement bands WILL require your patience, and may easily exceed the repair time quoted in your original estimate for service.

We have a constant queue of watches in various stages of the repair process.  The sooner you send and pay for your repair, the faster it is placed "in line" for its repair. 

And BEWARE of the shop promising to repair your mechanical watch in "two weeks" or less.  You will hear a "average two week (or less)" turnaround time from "sweat shops" that "abuse" unskilled foreign labor to repair your watch.  This also may indicate that the business has just opened and/or has low business volume (not enough work), and/or is not doing a thorough job, or is trying to fix too many watches out of mismanaged profit needs (ie greed). 

You will get what you wait for!

Finally we understand that you are eager to have your repaired watch back on your wrist.  We are eager to do it right so it will not come back during our warranty period, and will in fact last many years longer.  It takes TIME to do this right.  This will require you PATIENCE.  Are you patient enough to be one of our customers?

Take the PATIENCE TEST (click here).  

  Who should I avoid having my watch repaired by?

Excellent question.  Watch repair sites are popping up all over the internet, along with newly 'certified' watchmakers.  You can expect to see more of these sites grace your search engine results as our economy continues to nose dive, and people desperate for work try desperate things to pay the bills, such as "learn a new trade" or "spin" a new service angle. 

The number one quality to test for in ANY company is business legitimacy.  The best way to know a company is a legitimate watchmaking BUSINESS is captured in our "Why Trust Us" FAQ.

Who should you AVOID?  We have been slandered, defamed and 'cyber' attacked by other jealous and dishonest "watchmakers" for posting this information.  However, it is our opinion that these individuals are giving watchmaking on the internet a bad reputation, in addition to potentially causing YOU confusion with respect to what constitutes a LEGITIMATE repair business. 

TOP 10 LIST of repair businesses to AVOID sending your watch to:

  1. Anyone who states, by virtue of "certification" ALONE, that they are qualified to repair your watch, or who places the HIGHEST VALUE on "certification" as the supreme litmus test for who should be allowed to repair a watch.  In our opinion watchmaker certifications can NOT be completely trusted as a 100% accurate test of a craftsman's ability or HONESTY.  A better "test" of the legitimacy of any repair business is HOW LONG has the company been in business.  More importantly - does the company have former customers YOU CAN CALL to verify the QUALITY of their workHard work and results will always trump a piece of paper.  Certification, earned the proper way, is only ONE important element in business legitimacy.
  2. Anyone who claims that they have decades of "experience," or are the 'absolute authority' on this or that, but whose BUSINESS is less than several years old.  Call the county court house where they are located (if they will tell you where they are located) and ask for verification of a business license.  Then ask WHEN the license was issued.  This is public information.  If the court house has no record of the business name, or tells you it was issued last year, feel free to think.  Lots of websites claim 'fifth generation watchmaker' or '37 years in the business' but when you check out the company's BBB profile it shows that the business is less than five years old.  Nice. 
  3. Anyone who does not have shop insurance.  You would be shocked to know how few of these internet repair businesses have ANY insurance.  Some of these places do not have a UL-rated jeweler's SAFE to store your watch in when it is off their bench!  This means that if they lose or damage your watch while it is in their possession, you get NOTHING back.  Nada.  Don't believe us?  Call and ask a competitor who underwrites their shop policy.  Then ask to see the 'declarations page' of their policyGame over.
  4. Anyone who does not or will not tell you where your watch is being repaired.  Feel free to think why they might not want you to know where your watch is.  Alternatively, it is a favorite trick of some jewelry stores to tell you that your watch is being 'sent to the manufacturer' for repair.  They then repair your watch 'in house' or send it to their local 'hack artist.'  If the jewelry store tells you that your watch is being forwarded to the manufacturer, DEMAND to see shipping PROOF.  End of game.
  5. Anyone who has a form for you to fill out and submit online, but whose page is NOT secure-server hosted.  And "privacy seals" mean NOTHING if you transmit your personal information on a NON-secure web pageEnd of story.
  6. Anyone whose site looks 'legitimate' based on the display of logos or seals from organizations that do NOT discriminate with respect to who is allowed to join them.  Case in point - many websites display an official-looking watchmaker trade association logo/seal, irrespective of their true membership status.  In addition, ANYONE who pays the membership fee can join this trade association and display the logo, ANYONE.  The consumer is cautioned to be rely on verifiable customer praise.  We recently had such a customer post his experience with our company.  You can find it using Google.  We don't post customer feedback.  We don't need to.
  7. Anyone whose business MOVES every couple of years.  Why are they moving so often?  Are they running from unpaid taxes, angry customers,  or avoiding warranty claims?  Are they trying to create a 'clean slate' for the BBB to 'find' when they apply (again) to become an accredited member?  Or could it be all of the above? The ONLY way for you to know how long the business has been at its present location is to first determine the city AND the county the business is located in.  Next, call the county tax office and speak with a clerk in the 'business records' division.  Ask the county clerk how long the business has been at its present location?  You could also ask if the business listed previous addresses in other states on its application for a business license.  Who knows, you could get lucky and find out that the business has moved around more than a Las Vegas call girl.  If the clerk tells you the business has been at its present location for 'x years' and the business states they have been around for more than this amount, feel free to think.
  8. "FREE" stuff! - Anyone who claims they will provide you with a "free" estimate or "free" shipping.  There is no such thing as free.  You will have to pay them a "fee" to mail the watch back to you if you decline the "free" estimate.  This tactic is dishonest.  You will get what you pay for.   .
  9. The Ethics TEST - This is a test that you, the customer, can do of the business's ethics, or lack thereof.  Call the business in question and tell them you are thinking of sending them your "battery-operated," quartz Tag or Breitling (these are expensive repairs).  Then say this, "The second hand seems to be jumping in two-second increments, instead of one second, and I am worried that something may be wrong with the movement."  How do they respond?  If they tell you ANYTHING other than that this is a normal condition when the battery of your watch is beginning to run low on power, STAY AWAYThey are being 100% dishonest.
  10. Do they have a VERIFIED business account with Paypal?  This is an extra step required by Paypal for businesses.  No verified business account means they have no business requesting you pay them.   

  Do you honor your warranty?

Unlike many of our competitors, some of whom claim to have a "guarantee,"  we have a limited 
written limited warranty, printed on our website, AND WE STAND BEHIND IT.  Very few of our repaired watches (less than 5%) have been returned for warranty service.  If you find that you need to return your watch to us for our warranty/guarantee service, or you believe something is wrong with your repaired watch, PLEASE send it back for evaluation following the instructions at this link.  If we have made a mistake (rare) we will make it right, and reimburse you for shipping costs.  If we find that your watch qualifies for warranty repair, it will receive top priority.  

Why would we make such a bold promise?  Are we concerned about the quality of our repairs?  NO.  We want to make it crystal clear to our current and potential customers that we will stand behind our work.  

  How do I pay for my repair?

In advance, with a credit card, check or money order through PayPal*.

All repairs must be prepaid.  You must pay for your watch repaire before we will queue the watch for repair.

*PayPal allows you to pay WITHOUT having a PayPal account using any major credit card or your bank.

  Can I drop off or pick up my watch at your shop?

Our apologies, but we no longer allow drop offs.  This means you will have to mail it. 

  How often should my watch be serviced?

The service interval ranges from 1-5 years.

This will depend on a number of factors, most important of which are:

a. Frequency of use

b. Water-resistance level

c. Type of movement

ONCE A YEAR- Any vintage (older) mechanical wrist or pocket watch.  This era watch does not have a crown that is sealed.  Dust and moisture can easily enter the watch through the crown gap (space under the winding button).  These contaminants will cause wear to the watch internals.

EVERY 2 to 3 YEARS- If the watch has a special crown that prohibits dust and/or moisture from entering the case, this is the appropriate service interval, and also true for quartz or battery-operated watches.  In spite of this protective measure, some dust and/or moisture will enter the case over this time period, and therefore should be serviced to remove it. 

At 5 YEARS- For modern mechanical watches that have a number incorporated onto their dial for identification, or are marked as such on the case back (i.e. '150 meters' or '20 ATM' etc.).  These watches are sealed.  If the owner maintains the water-resistant sealing (by servicing the case back gasket, sealant material, etc.), contaminants will NOT be able to enter the case.  The only remaining issue is the oil, which will have begun to loose their lubricity, and require replacement.  Old oil will not only fail to lubricate, it will act to stop the watch or cause wear.  Get it serviced, or face more expensive repairs later.

  Will you replace my band or bracelet only, or change my dial or bezel to a different type?

In some cases we can offer this service, and only when a watch is sent in for complete service.  For a definitive answer to this question, please use our "Ask the Watchmaker" inquiry form.  Click Here!

  My watch is running fine, it doesn't need service, it just needs one thing "fixed." 

We actually will do small jobs, under certain conditions:

  1. On a watch sent in for a prepaid repair quote.
  2. On a watch we have previously performed complete service on, but now may require a simple repair, for as long as the customer owns the watch and ONLY sends the watch to us for ALL of its repairs.

This strategy encourages genuine customer loyalty and retention. 

BfW Co. specializes in factory-type service.  In fact we strive to SURPASS authorized factory service in both quality and efficiency.  Our COMPLETE SERVICE  (aka "watch overhaul") involves inspection, disassembly, specialized ultrasonic and chemical cleaning, lubrication, digital calibration, meticulous regulation, dynamic time trial, optional polishing and refinishing, and mandatory resealing and pressure testing on watches which are marked "water resistant." 

"But my watch does not need all that, it just needs to be fixed," or "it just needs a battery."

If you are shopping for only a "battery replacement" we encourage you to send your watch to us for a repair quote.  We enjoy educating our customers on the need to change gaskets, check movement functions, etc.  We know you will find that the cost of saving your watch from expensive water damage (and the filthy hands of foreign national hack artists at your local mall or jewelry store) will be well worth our efforts.   

  How often should my watch be inspected and tested for water resistance?

This depends on the type of water you are exposing the watch to.  If you routinely subject your watch to water, then have it pressure tested every year.  If not, then request that ALL the gaskets be replaced when you have the watch movement service (mechanical - every 5 years or so) or the watch battery replaced (quartz - every 2-4 years).  That's it.   

If you are concerned about your watch's water resistance, visit our service cart and purchase a watch pressure test service.  We will pressure test your watch to ISO standards and provide you with proof of pressure testing.

  I was told that my watch could not be repaired because "no parts" were available.  In spite of this, can you service it?    

Often times BfW is able to repair your watch for less money that the manufacturer or the authorized repair facility because we are not bound by the same protocols or policies.  For example, if your dial is damaged by water the manufacturer may tell you that the only remedy is to replace the dial, or that the dial is no longer available, or is $300 and will take five months to come from "Switzerland," etc.  At BfW we will attempt to clean and restore your water-damaged dial by HAND, prior to arriving at this conclusion.  This is just ONE example of why you should consider our services prior to sending it to the manufacturer's repair facility.

Need an answer to a question about your watch repair right NOW?  Use our "Ask the Watchmaker" inquiry form. 
Click Here!

  Why do I receive a message when I call your company phone number?

Please understand that it is not always possible for the watchmakers to answer the phone, as we are frequently in the middle of complicated and/or challenging repairs.  Leaving your message and contact information is the best way to insure a return phone call.  Alternatively you can always complete our secure contact form and we will respond, usually the same day! 

  I mailed my watch to BfW, and I know it has arrived, but have yet to be contacted.  Should I be concerned?

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to utilize delivery confirmation service or a tracking service.  If you have already confirmed your watch's delivery with USPS Deliver Confirmation and/or UPS tracking confirmation, then YOU HAVE YOUR ANSWER.  Please DO NOT CALL. 

IF YOU DECIDED NOT TO PAY FOR TRACKING and/or DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, then YOU will need to be PATIENT and wait for us to contact you AFTER we have performed your estimate.  This is generally done within 3 to 5 days AFTER receiving a watch, unless the watch is "water damaged" and you have called ahead to warn us of the need to immediately open and dry out your watch. 

Please use our secure contact form if you are unable to track your watch through the carrier you utilized.

We regret that we are UNABLE to provide this level of personalized service.  We will email you when we perform your estimate.  In this way, you will have verification of both delivery, and a written estimate of your repair. 

BfW's repair facility has a schedule of operations that determines when and how watches are serviced.  Your watch may have arrived, as your USPS delivery confirmation may indicate to you; however, we will only contact you after your watch has received an intake assessment.  To better understand what occurs with your watch, and on what days of the week, our current schedule of operation is:

Monday -Intake on newly or previously arrived watches.  Initial customer contact.  Ongoing repairs completed.

Tuesday -
Watches are diagnosed and customers are contacted via email with firm repair quotes.  Ongoing repairs completed.

Wednesday -
Parts are ordered or made on paid repairs/diagnosed watches requiring parts.  Ongoing repairs completed.

Thursday -
Ongoing repairs completed.

Fridays -
Ongoing repairs completed.

Saturday -
Facility closed (no phone or email responses).  

Sunday -
Facility closed (no phone or email responses).

We are a family business, and are closed during all major holidays.

If you know that your watch has arrived on a business day prior to a given Monday, and you have not been contacted on or after that Monday, please email or call to check on your watch.  Exceptions to this schedule exist around holidays such as Christmas, or those that fall on a Monday or Friday. 

  My watch repair was originally estimated to take "x" number of weeks to repair, and I have not received it back.  Why?

BestFix does everything in our power to repair your watch as expediently as possible.  Reasons for a delay in a repair include any or all of the following:

1. Some watches require more extensive repairs than were initially assessed. 

2.  Parts that have been ordered, even though 'in-stock' at the time of order, may be out of stock, and require 2-6 weeks or longer to arrive.  

3.  During final timing of a mechanical watch, particularly timing in positions, problems may manifest with timing accuracy, and the watch then requires additional troubleshooting and regulation.

We ask for your patience when awaiting your watch repair.  In most cases, you will be notified if your watch is going to take longer to repair than previously estimated.  Please call or email us if your watch is overdue, and you are concerned or have not heard from us. 

If you have become frustrated with the wait, please call us.  We will explain any delays, and do whatever possible takes to make you happy!

  Are there watches that BfW will NOT work on?

At BfW Co., we service most watch brands.  However, there are watches that we do NOT service, and those that we do NOT recommend you send for estimates or repairs:

*FAKE OR REPLICA WATCHES - Do not send them.  Fake watches are for FAKE people.  

* Cheap watches - If it cost you less than $50, you would be better off purchasing a new watch.  The watch may not actually be 'cheap' BUT you may be CHEAP.  We suspect you know if you are a CHEAP person.  So be honest and do us a huge favor - Take your watch to the local mall so you can get your 'cheap' fix for the day.

* Any watch you purchased on Ebay and got a "good deal on," but is not "working right." - Feel free to send it to us, and pay the quote fee.  95% of the time you will not want to pay to have it repaired, because you got what you paid for . . . a broken and/or heavily used and/or abused watch.  If you are still unconvinced, please use our
"Ask the Watchmaker" form to submit an inquiry.  
* Watches in pieces or parts, or that you have tried to fix on your own We do not work on watches that have been (and remain) disassembled by you, or any other person or have evidence of being completely botched by an untrained person.  If you send a watch to us in this condition, it will do an impression of a boomerang and come right back to you, minus the estimate fee you will pay.   The 'CHEAP' Ass is also likely to fall into this category.  They are TOO CHEAP to send a watch for proper service, so they try to fix it themselves with a DIY battery replacement.  When they fuck up their watch, they then start looking for a CHEAP place to FIX their FUCK UP.  Hey CHEAP ASS PERSON - STAY AWAY FROM US.  If you send us your botched self-repaired watch, YOU WILL PAY THE MAXIMUM to HAVE IT REPAIRED, OR you WILL PAY A HUGE REPAIR DECLINE FEE to get it back.  You have been warned.  GO AWAY.

* Older quartz watches with LCD (liquid crystal display) panels.  There are NO parts for these watches.  Do not send them. 

* Watches damaged by water when you are on a "budget."  It is not possible to fix a watch destroyed by water damage (rusted movement, damaged dial) when you are on a "budget."  This is why there are Timex Casio and Invicta watches.  See above.  

  Can you determine if my watch is a fake or "replica?"

BfW does NOT accept or repair fake, replica watches from ANY manufacture.  If you are unsure if your watch is genuine, it is probably fake.  Take it to a jeweler who is authorized to sell the watch brand name in question and ask them to authenticate the watch.  Many jewelers will not do this for free, you will have to PAY to have an appraisal done. 

If you mistakenly or purposefully SEND a fake/replica watch to BfW Co. for an estimate on repairs, and do NOT enclose the required estimate fee, your watch will be returned to you COD for $50.  DO NOT SEND REPLICA WATCHES TO US.

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At BfW your watch will be inspected and repaired by our master watchmakers.  We will take all the time that is necessary to carefully disassemble, accurately inspect and expertly repair your watch, as if it were our own.  Problems that we discover will be communicated to you by one of our watchmakers, and repaired only if YOU authorize us to do so.  Your watch will then be covered by BfW's limited
watch warranty


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