UDT Service

Restore your UDT!


Relume your UDT dial markers, hands and bezel to better than NEW condition.


  • Complete disassembly & inspection of dial, hands, and inner inner chapter.
  • Removal of old lume compounds on hands. 
  • Removal of old paint on hands (if required).
  • Reapplication of Super Luminova or NoctiLumina to all original lume points of dial, hands, chapter ring and bezel markers.
  • Repaint of sweep second hand components, including red tail.
  • Reassembly of all components and pressure test!

* * * We utilize Super Luminovoa or NoctiLumina for your relume! * * *

If your UDT has its original dial, hands and bezel then chances are the original lume (ability of your watch hands and dial markers to glow in the dark) has become so weak that you are unable to use your watch in low light situations. 

This is what most UDTs look like in the dark: 

If required, the original hands are stripped of their old and faded white paint in preparation for being recoated with a much higher visibility white paint, which is vastly superior to the original paint, even when it was 'new.'  The results are truly amazing.

The new, high-visibility white paint has been applied and is curing the required time to allow the next step of lume application to safely occur.

The sweep-second hand is also fully restored including being stripped, and having new white, black and red paint applied, in addition to having the tip coated with NoctiLumina.  We use a 'florescent red' paint that is much more visible than the original 'red' tip on your UDT.

The result of restored dial markers, hands, chapter ring and bezel dot.

What you WILL see at night with our UDT Relumination Service.

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